Expert Perspectives

Matthew Mills

CEO / Founder

As CEO and founder of Agile Funding, Matthew has served as a visionary behind 2 previous start-up companies with over 20 years experience. Mr. Mills has served as a consultant in fortune 100 & 500 companies as a developer, manager, director and CIO positions in insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial and telecommunication industries. Mr. Mills graduated from Pratt Institute majoring in Electrical Engineering and started his career at Raytheon Ebasco as an electrical engineer. He then went on to start-up his own company as a CAD and Surveying Company with various fortune 100 companies as his clients. He later launched a content management application company that help financial institution to update their web site without the need of an HTML programmer which later became the idea of today's content management applications as we know it.

Matthew believes in the idea of building your vision from the ground up through hard work and sweat.

Although Matthew loves to spend his time in front of his computer hammering out great ideas, his best ideas come when he is chopping firewood in his backyard for his fire place.


  • Project and Program Management, Architect, Electrical Engineer
  • Certified Agile Funding Professional (CSFP)
  • Certified Agile Funding Trainer (CSFT)
  • Certified Agile Funding Scrum Master (CSFSM)
  • PMP - NYU